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Charlatans Leading PD and Torturing Teachers

Go to tweets of dept heads and other admins and soak in the absurdity: "neurodiverse learners"... "proficiency rubrics".... and on and on it goes. What is billed as "professional development" in Melrose is a sick joke, "courses" "taught" by so-called experts, including some who are now being paid that were handpicked in the past as members of the superintendent search committee under Thorp/Driscoll, and lots of other crossover hanky-panky. It's no wonder that the best educators steer clear of openings in Melrose Public Schools! No qualified educator could abide those in charge for five minutes, let alone have to read such bilge or sit through such intolerably awful PD sessions. Yuck!

Re: Charlatans Leading PD and Torturing Teachers

Melrose, is tapped out, maxed out, it can not go no further.

Re: Charlatans Leading PD and Torturing Teachers

In Melrose , one hand feeds the other. Having the Mayor on school committee created the mother of all patronage bastions. Look around you and see who is getting all the school jobs instead of the most qualified.