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School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

At the 5 minute mark they are "discussing" the issue of substitute teachers. So apparently it's perfectly acceptable to warehouse middle and high school students with their "pilot" program involving bunching classes of students (into the "old band room...I don't know what we call it"--CT 18:59--disgusting!) but not okay to do this at the elementary level 19:20, naturally. Wouldn't want to offend those MEF mommies, after all. Parents of older kids are mostly disengaged, so there's less risk to the administration/committee when they fail to meet the basic educational standards (like that myth about "time in learning") than there is with the many zealots (mostly grossly uninformed about the truth, nearly always willing to buy the BS the admin dishes out) in the Melrose elementary parent pool, or even worse, the BirthToFive group. 17:50 JDugan explains.... gross!

14:12 The absolutely incompetent business manager ("where in the world is Carmen Farrell") talking about "data teams...." good grief!

20:00 DeSelm, LOL: "I look forward to seeing the fruits of the labor...Is the commisurate [commensurate] to sub pay"? Oh but she's a "Real Scientist"! Gawd! Melrose's own unfunny Archie Bunker.

24:00 The convict: "terrific!"

36:00 Mayor, Head in hands while EOC pretends to be engaged.... then EOC, more "terrific".... "great work"

37:00 CT: "we continue to struggle with the crossing guard issue" Struggle on.... Farrell's babbling about the "struggle"

40:00 Casatelli: "Do parents know where those holes in the crossing guards are?" LOL!!!!! (Just cannot make up anything this ridiculous!)

41:00 CT babbling, grunting followed by the Convict chiming in "I've been continually impressed...." Goody-goody Gumdrops, Ed!

46:35 The Convict, "If I may...I AM on the ... Subcommittee" Atta boy, Eddie!

47:00 Driscoll (aka Dolores Jane Umbrage) "any further questions for the superintendent on concussions..." Sure, why not.

49:00 The Convict: "I am Ed..."

51:00 JM-G: "Ekkkcetera".... followed by Eddie again "terrific"

53:40 CT (slurring words): "I think where the issue is going to lie is in medicinal...."

54:00 Chris: "asking Mr. O'Connell if there are any updates regarding booster organizations" Critically important!

57:00 Dolores Umbrage: "another lens to filter" [this officious BS]

59:00 CT looking all around in confusion as Eddie bloviates

51:00 Eddie "Policy KB is really aspirational and hortatory" Big words there, Big Boy.... hor·ta·to·ry

adjective: hortatory

tending or aiming to exhort.
"the central bank relied on hortatory messages and voluntary compliance"

CT biting knuckles, barely keeping it together...

1:03:00 CC: "When money is involved, we need to have certain policies and procedures in place" Good one, Chris!

1:05:05 CC: "Now you say you have all these policies" (to CT) there any way to streamline it?

1:06 CT: "It's called Ethics" Oh sure, she's big on that!

1:07 CT: "I've got 70-year-old adults still running the booster groups" (frown, frown)

1:12 EOC: "22 reports of head injuries..." CT: doesn't know if this is an increase or decrease

1:13:57 LDS: "So I'm going to ask this as a question..."

1:22 CT "my secretary was at Symphony and ... Victorian Fair..If you were at either event, The Issue (many little kids?) was staring you in the face" and of course CT was at neither event, as per usual, being so devoted to the community that has paid her so enormously....

1:24 MD Discussion of superintendent's salary and expectation that they will give her another substantial raise! CT weighs in. Amazing, appalling, ridiculous. EOC moves to increase the amount!...

1:29 MD "Ms Farrell has located her device" (her calculator), CC moves to increase the amount of proposed raise.

1:30 JM-G "I'd like to suspend the rules so we can have an open discussion about how to agree to make a motion" CT: frown, frown LOL!

1:31 Dolan (first peep all evening) disgustedly (lots of bad faces, huffing and puffing) "Does the chair have a recommendation about what number she'd like to see?" (like to see? so much for the pretense--ridiculous, of course, with this bunch--at a real process with integrity!)

RD: "The superintendent is the employEE and we're the employER" (Funny that he only now realizes this!) MD: "I do not have a recommendation. I want to be consistent with what the will of the committee is" lots of unprofessional eye-rolling....

JM-G: "So there was a market adjustment for the size of the market. I'm wondering if there is a market adjustment for the size of the district." LOL!

1:33 CC: "Having been here for 4 superintendent searches, we have leapfrogged the figure...when you have a good want to avoid the disruption when someone new comes...when you have a successful track record, I encourage us to keep the success going." OMG!

1:35 RD: "Understand that the steps are a 4 percent increase"; approved 2.5% raise

1:43 post Executive Session no word on superintendent's "successor contract"

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

The SC gave Cindy over 1 and under 5 years more. I would not want to tell the big secret.

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

See documents under the MPS SC website for this upcoming Tuesday. Last document in the agenda packet is CT's new 3-year-contract packed with vacation time, holidays, personal time, sick leave bank, 18 sick days, $$$, buyback of unused time, indemnification for any legal action while the superintendent. It goes on and on even though she, and a few of her cohorts have recently been named personally in a civil action suit, not just MPS. Do what you want Sin-dy. Apparently no-one in this God-forsaken city cares or has the guts to stand up and do the right thing. Not even for their own kids. You must have a sh*tload of crap on Dolan that he cowers to you.

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

If this is true, then every candidate running for SC and BOA needs to take a public position. JD, J Mc-G and CC will vote this 70 year old witch/BITCH a new contract package even though they won't be on the SC to oversee it? MEFers take notice. The school committee and CT are the major reason why your Override failed by a 2 to 1 vote. Dolan hates CT and sin-d is not above blackmail (just ask the SpEd folks who worked with her in Malden). Let's see what soft ball questions the League of Women Voters will ask this week at their "Candidates Forum". Who is moderating the LWV event?

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

CKK cared and took every single one of them to task with the facts. Look in the mirror: It's Melrose that really does not care. Shameful, lazy, entitled, uninformed citizenry.

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

It is not Little Winchester, it is uncaring and lazy Melrose residents.

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

So what has changed as far as substitutes? Does the elementary have permanent ones? Did they raise pay ?

Re: School Committee Charade, Large Superintendent Raise Approved

God Help The Kids !