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Over Ride MAILER

You will be receiving mailers for the YES vote on the override. I just got mine. Let me point out a few facts. If state funding is down why are the Alderman and Mayor not pushing our state rep to help instead they ask the Taxpayers of their communities to do it?
Staff being reduced..Taymore admitted to laying off four teachers. Services limited? I have met with so many people and most will agree 3D printers are not necessary yet brought up all the time as a need? That art on a cart is not such a bad thing to form a chemistry class room . My school did art on a cart and we had kids going to Harvard. Ever wonder if teachers are leaving because of the Administration and not just money?

The ratio is still under state averages it has all preference. We had over 40 in our schools, once again we had a 98% rate of students going to secondary education and a large portion go into the military. I am really going to reinforce there is no issue with sizes and if so why did we fork over 5 million for pods to last 5-10 years, its only be a year and a half. All research on government sites show Melrose as NOT having issues with size and ratios.

The override last time was 2.25 and failed but the next year in 2016 the Most Improved School System in the region was melrose. Jumped significantly in scoring and so on.

Melrose has not passed an override in 25 years. What does that matter. That is proof alone that there is no need and never was. It failed by landslides.

We also forget what 5.18 million does to some kids.
Parents have to move their kids out of town because they can't afford it. A parent said she would have to find a way to pay for her kids occupational therapy as it was $75 a week and the override with the added increases already is pushing her past her limits. Fixed income people are worried about eating, yes eating a real meal. Of course you have the fire department and police department that are worried about their cruisers making it to the scene of an incident and what if its your child in that incident? I cannot afford it and i am worried sick, my kids should matter too. $554 is affordable for some but are WE ALL not part of the same community. Will you betray my kids future? Are they not on that road of success because their parents can't afford it? How do you think it makes me feel as a parent. I am out trying to get as much work as I can which means so much less time with my kids just to cover what? A bunch of data backed with almost real information. From a Mayor I never voted on. from Alderman who say its a simple matter. My kids futures not a simple matter and this override is far from that. Please do not neglect us when you vote yes. Please do not neglect my kids because i cannot afford the town they are in, a town we moved to because of the schools and they have done well despite all this bull being fed.

The ONE melrose is for who? The 1%..
Please listen to the facts and Don't leave us behind.

Thank you all for listening.

Re: Over Ride MAILER

Don’t get discouraged. In 2015 I received multiple mailings from the Yes for Melrose Campaign. They also knocked on my door multiple time canvassing the neighborhood. They also out fundraised and out spent the No campaign 10 to 1. But then it was time for the hard working people of Melrose to Speak and they defeated override 2-1. We have same movie in 2018 as we did in 2015 although different actors. Also after factoring the regular 2.5 increase of 175 along with the override amount amount of 554, we are looking at an increase of $729. If you account the 2.5 along with the 5.18 million, the city will increase the levy limit by 12% city wants to increase its budget by 12% next fiscal year. This increase is forever. Most people in my neighborhood are a strong no on the override.

Re: Over Ride MAILER

Melrose has not passed an override in 25 years. What does that matter. That is proof alone that there is no need and never was.

Re: Over Ride MAILER

Do they really want an educated voter? Do they want transparency? I think we all no real answer. NO

Re: Over Ride MAILER

You SHOULD take the time to read this post because it explains why the Override will fail.