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McAndrew At It Again

We all know who she is. She was one of the leaders of Dolan's failed override attempt, and now is a SC member. We all remember that in campaigning for that override she made Pinnochio look like he was under the influence of truth serum.

She's at it again. Here's a quote from her last Patch propaganda piece. "Those who say we can get around this fundamental math problem have not demonstrated that possibility, despite years of asserting otherwise, nor have they put forth a plan to do so."

That's patently untrue. Several posters have proposed one action that would solve at the least a big portion of the problem. Stop giving part-time workers full health benefits. All that would be necessary is to reduce their weekly hours to below the qualification amount, in most cases 20 hours per week, to 19.5.

Will it ever happen? Of course not - that's the insider political base in Melrose.

Ms. McAndrew, go away.