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School Committee Meetings

At one time the School Committee encouraged public participation at its' meetings. The members would engage in a discussion with the citizens who came to speak before them. The last few times I had the desire to watch a meeting, I noticed how our elected officials and Superintendent Taymore did not respond in any way to the public speakers. I believe this is, or was, the School Committee policy. Uniformly they looked disinterested at what the public had to say. When public participation was over, they ignored what was said and went about their business.

The contempt that they have for us is palpable. They certainly do not show any visible sense of being accountable to the parents and citizens of Melrose.

A Yes vote will only reinforce their behavior. Unfortunately, the only hope they will start treating us properly will be with a NO vote.

Re: School Committee Meetings

Even if a No vote prevails, they will still won't treat you properly.

Re: School Committee Meetings

Thank you, Mr. Jarvis. Your commentary is spot on and much appreciated!

This "One" group has totally polarized the community and is anything but inclusive. Some of their members have openly shouted or screamed the F-bomb at the opposition simply standing on the streets, even in front of their children. Their conduct has been absolutely appalling and deeply shameful.

You're right that the conduct of "One" is right in line with the thoroughly contemptuous conduct of the School Committee and superintendent (and of course the mayor). They have zero interest in interacting with or hearing from anyone but their sycophants. It's hard to believe these people are our neighbors because they don't behave like human beings who see themselves as part of a large, diverse community. It's either Their way or the highway. Unfortunately the board of aldermen are no better except for having a few more manners most of the time, unless, of course, Alderman Medeiros tries to offer something or ask a question, at which point they are boors who can't be bothered with respectful protocols that were always standard in earlier years.

No matter how this thing turns out, there is a lot of harm that has been done and a lot for which the proponents should be ashamed, if they were capable (and it doesn't appear they have much in the way of humility, let alone humor or kindness). What a sad state of affairs for our community.

Re: School Committee Meetings

These types of things don't make people *******s, that's just people's true colors coming out. Kind of like drinking too much, it just accentuates who you are. There were mistakes on both sides. People get emotionally involved, I get it. But this whole ordeal has been an eye opening experience for sure.