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The chickens come home to roost

There seems to be an issue with e camp being discontinued. Parents not told, superintendent saying there is no decision yet but principals saying there won't be a camp again. All around secrecy and no transparency.

Passing the buck. No straight answers. Some people are learning how this feels.

Re: The chickens come home to roost

Nooooo.......say it isn't so, what, no transparency? I'm shocked, I can't believe it!

(And another thing, that one 'vote yes' sign that is STILL up on the Fellsway, is a REAL ____buster!)

Re: The chickens come home to roost

I love that this is happening to the same people who shilled for the override, answering any question regarding transparency with condescending lies.

What's happening with the e camp is what happens all the time. Taymore decided what is easiest for herself and sells it as being good for the city. There are always some apologists that fall for it too.