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Rules, Etiquette

Proper usage of the English language would be an excellent baseline expectation. Unfortunately it is not realistic, especially in social media posting and in an age where even education officials often demonstrate poor command of grammar and acceptable punctuation. Kind tolerance is the hopeful expectation of those participating in discussions here.

Note to posters: Please try to limit your re-posting, especially of long posts. Otherwise we may be forced to remove this feature due to space constraints.

This is a mostly unmonitored board paid for and provided by volunteers as a public service for Melrose. Posts that cross lines of legality, decency, space, obvious spamming will be removed at our discretion. Many melrosemessages posters do not understand or respect the need for good online etiquette, and a few are actual trolls who just seek to cause harm. There is a link provided to report abusive posts, which will be removed.

Melrose needs an open-access space for a free flow of information. This can only continue to be provided if basic rules of conduct are observed. We thank all those who keep it fair, decent, and provide excellent information for the robust discussions that are so necessary.

This message board is for and about Melrose issues. Where national issues might have an impact on our city, posting is conditionally allowed at the discretion of the admins. Trolls seeking to harm the discourse with generalized rants about national politics, religion, etc., will be removed, and in the case of frequent abusers, banned. Trolls who take over the monikers of other posters will also be banned.

Thank you for your respectful conversations!