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Re: Why students are still wearing masks in school?

Charles Baker
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have fixed the problem starting tomorrow.

Shoutout to Melrose Messages!
Better late than never! Now - back to sanity!

Re: Why students are still wearing masks in school?

What staggering ignorance you display.

35,000+ cases ongoing, and millions as yet unvaccinated, many by choice. Variants gaining strength and expanding their range. Millions still dying across the globe. Nurses organizations completely outraged by the stupidity and lethal consequences of the latest bogus CDC proclamation.

Apparently John and the rest of you brilliant minds don't give the proverbial rat's a$$ about the frontline healthcare workers, EMTs, etc. who've already died or been permanently harmed, let alone all those who are guaranteed to suffer a similar fate because of idiots like yourselves. Shame on all of you!