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Cutting programs

Does anyone know why they would get rid of the ACCESS program at the middle school and lump it in with kids with behavioral issues? Why are we removing positions when they just increased my taxes? Is Melrose assuming that there will be no repercussions socially and emotionally for students in the middle school?

Re: Cutting programs

Showing my ignorance, which I've never been averse to doing, can you briefly explain what the ACCESS program is (or was!)?
Although not a huge fan of ANY of my tax dollars going to the school system, I am interested in what's being cut as their budget goes up!

Re: Cutting programs

Thank you for the explanation!

Re: Cutting programs

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Re: Cutting programs

The ACCESS program is designed for students social/emotional and behavioral challenges. There are/were two special education teachers assigned to this program to assist students struggling with anxiety disorders, school attendance, return from hospitalizations ((social emotional)) and then those students with behavioral challenges like aggression, spectrum disorders, etc. (behavioral). By eliminating one teacher from this program, the year after the shut down the schools, and lumping all of these kids into one room is a massive disservice to these children, as well as, the community. The higher ups claimed there were only 8 kids attached to this program, but they never consulted with school psychologists, guidance counselors, or any mental health professionals before making this decision. This position was already in the budget and there was no need to cut this program.

Re: Cutting programs

This program is in the middle school. It was in the middle school before it was in the high school. The middle school position is being cut. They will be going from two teachers down to one. Not a good idea by any stretch.