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Re: Melrose gets rid of the Red Raider

Albie Fletcher
I like that Tom, I feel like I got railed every time i get my water bill.
Hi AlBieg
Yes you are getting railroaded on your water bill!
The problem started with the previous administration they created a water and sewer enterprise fund
To raise the rates and provide give me jobs to those who drink the cool aid .
Also when you question the bill it’s the same answer to every one You must have a leak!
The funny thing is I have a neighbor with a new house and they told her that too! $600.00 for 2 people.
They have Kentucky Brown grass so with that said maybe it’s we all have a faulty meter ?

Re: Melrose gets rid of the Red Raider

Way to hijack the thread…pretty lame man.

Re: Melrose gets rid of the Red Raider

COME ON MAN!!! Don't be a Lame Duck.