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Re: Outrageous but Chronic Mismanagement by School and City

Famous story of the THREE ENVELOPES ...A newly hired CEO took over at a firm and while moving into the office discovered 3 envelopes in the top of the desk...The CEO opened the packet and it said, "REORGANIZED" and do not open the next envelope for three months...So the CEO did exactly that and reorganized .. 3 months went by and the company was still not preforming...So the CEO opened the second envelope and it said" BLAME THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION"! The CEO did just that, began throwing everyone under the bus but that did not seem to work either...3 months went by and the CEO opened the last envelope and it said..."PREPARE THREE ENVELOPES"!!...

Re: Outrageous but Chronic Mismanagement by School and City

What a JOKE!! She is a cancer in our community - Good Riddance, adios, hasta la vista, don't let the Raiders hit you on the way out!! She has always been an incompetent, divisive, woke ideologue hellbent on destroying communities in her unhinged drive for social engineering. The entire school committee should go - THEY are responsible for this decision - based on Kukenberger's past history THEY should have seen this coming. Why didn't they? Because they were knee deep in lying and dodging shrapnel from the mascot fiasco, the Halloween disaster and a school system that is horribly broken.

The Melrose Patch had an article about how we should not be celebrating the fact that She is leaving and the public discord is uncalled for..... To the author of that article and in regards to the social discord which they only disapprove of when it is against one of their own - I would look to the leaders of your party i.e. the lying Indian and decrepit Brandon - it all rots from the head down. Just like Melrose.

Re: Outrageous but Chronic Mismanagement by School and City

The administrator's took a expensive vacation knowing teacher's and paraprofessional's had no contract!