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Old Sayings

I thought I’d check in using my disguise again! My ex mother in law (God rest her soul….loved her waaay more than my ex husband) used to always come up with an old saying that used to make me laugh or scratch my head.

One of my favorite things she used to say was….”boy that’s scarcer than hen’s teeth” I’d have to agree that hens teeth are pretty scarce. Every once in a while I’ll throw it in a conversation in her memory and it still makes me chuckle. No one knows what the HE double hockey sticks I’m talking about.

I was just wondering if the elder statesmen and women here recall this saying and if you can think of any other sayings no one ever hears anymore.

Re: Old Sayings

pssst....pssst, it's me using my disguise too.

I've heard similar sayings but i think they referred to chicken lips?? Then of course, there's the famous "Lipstick on a Pig" saying.

My mother often used the word "asinine" when referring to someone's idea or plans (like where one might be building a treehouse). "Oh now that's just plan asinine". She grew up in Melrose too and I was wondering if this was a "Melrose thing" common in the 1920's and 30's. Ya gotta figure she picked up that word somewhere.

Re: Old Sayings

When I wished that I had something or that something would happen, my Mother would say "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." I'm still not quite sure what that means to this day!
(PS to OG: My Mother would never have used a word that even sounded like it had the word "ass" in it, [:D])

Re: Old Sayings

And although my parents would never hit me (an occasional spanking wasn't called "hitting" then), whenever I was doing something that might be pushing the limits, I was told that I was "cruisin` for a bruisin`".

Re: Old Sayings

Geezer occasional spanking wasn't called "hitting" then...

Oh yes. I was "not hit" just like you say, not often but each one was deserved and a valuable learning experience. I hear that nowadays, you have to discuss and negotiate with the 5 to 10 year olds so they know what they did wrong.

I'll tell you, there was that one time while playing with matches and accidentally setting a tree on fire behind the old Melrose Highlands railroad depot building and getting caught by the Melrose policeman known as "Augie Doggy".

Well Augie, having no sense of humor at all, put me in the squad car, drove me home, and turned me in to my Mom! No trial or anything!. When Dad got home I got one of those "not hits" and I knew exactly why. I didn't need any sit down meeting to negotiate with me.

Re: Old Sayings

This is in NO WAY a dig at you being taken home once in a squad car, but brought back a vivid memory that was very important to me growing up, and in retrospect I understand completely, as I think it had the effect and result that it was supposed to have.

My Father once told me (at a fairly young age) that if I was ever brought home by the police, to pack a bag and find somewhere else to live. Now I course I know (and knew, I think) that the threat would NEVER be carried out, but it still would enter my mind when I was tempted to do something that I knew was wrong. Hey, why take the chance?

As I grew up, I was, and still am today, grateful for that "ploy" from my Father. I would imagine that similar "threats" are being made by today's parents, but have a gut feeling (and I may well be wrong) that the 'kids' today would, or do, just laugh it off. I hope I am wrong.

Re: Old Sayings

I can't believe that this one just popped into my head, but this one was between kids, not from parent to child......."put an egg in your shoe and beat it" (for get outta here!)