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Hope you're OK Geezer.

I would say "don't take it personal", but I know I couldn't.

Hang in there,

Re: OUCH !

To answer your question before you ask.......I don't know why [:|], I guess maybe because, as the old saying goes " feels so good when you stop" [:)]

Re: OUCH !

To respond to you here, as opposed to getting 'further embroiled', what you are politically is fine with me Patricia, of course I respect your views and opinions, whether we may differ or not. The "et tu" was more a tongue in cheek. You can rest assured though, that no matter what your views, I will never accuse you of having a mental disorder! [:-D],

and PS to OG, thanks for the above!

Re: OUCH !

You are truly a sweetheart Geezer. Over the years I’ve come to realize that having political opinions nationally only leads me into knock down drag out fights with the people I love. John Cinella and I used to get into screaming matches because he touted the Republican hard line and I touted the Liberal Democratic crap. Our fights only stalled if the phone rang in the office or Chris came to pick him up for lunch (or I threatened to put a kink in his oxygen hose…hehehe!) At the end of the day on Fridays we’d head next door and have a couple of cocktails and all was forgotten and forgiven….until the next time!

No matter what my political persuasion is of late, my opinion isn’t going to change anything. Tip O’Neil got it right. All politics is local. I can make a difference locally. And lately it’s been waayyy too easy!

Now I’ve got to get out of this house and check out “Whole Paycheck Foods”. I need to see about some non-dairy products for a friend of mine and see if I can make something palatable with tofu….YUCK!

Re: OUCH !

Just got finished dropping of the last of my home cooked meals...with fire roasted chicken , home made crust..roasted vegetables all topped with buttermilk biscuits Anyone who wants a meal I’m your gal. email me at

Food is love