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To Geezer

Merry Christmas Geezer,

Give that pup of your's a dog cookie for me.


Re: To Geezer

Thank you OG, and will do.
The best of the holiday season to you and your family and friends also!

Re: To Geezer

To all of youze guys and gals,
Merry Christmas and have many more happy new years so we can all keep growing into geezerhood in good health together!
Smooches, dears!

Re: To Geezer

Thanks Patty, and the same to you [:)]

Re: To Geezer

Just got home from my sister-in-law's in Stoneham, Granddaughters had a ball. Now it is time to sit down and have a couple of Sams, put out the presents and go to bed. But before I go, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Re: To Geezer

Thanks Patty, and the same to you [:)]

Gezzerette is not me! I go by the above disguise. I think you or Old guy thought it made me look taller!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Re: To Geezer

I thought it was Alfalfa, who was hitting on p.w. with that line?

Or was it P.W. hitting on p.w. ?

Or maybe "Pee Wee"?

Or was Pee Wee actually the dog, Pete?

And who was that chubby kid, oh ya, Spanky? .... right?


This is why I like having Geezer around.

Re: To Geezer

Hmmm... As someone once said.. Hey, I'm not me!

Re: To Geezer

nyuk nyuk nyuk!