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Re: The country is going to pass socialism

So, do you drink that tRUMPaid right before bed, or does it have a cumulative effect during the day?
Trumpaid. Thats funny. I think senility is coming for you Geezer.
Kool aid drinkers believe

Masks work especially alone in your car or on your neighborhood walk
5 vaccines outta do it (they don’t)
The border is secure (it’s not)
Biden works as hard as KJP says he does (he doesn’t)
Biden’s not “the Big Guy”
Gun confiscation will prevent gun deaths
Obama’s not running the country
Hiding the laptop wasn’t election interference
President has no control over gas prices
Cow farts cause global warming
Biden is sharp enough to run again
Kamala’s not stupid
The media doesn’t lie
The government cares about you

Wanting, supporting and fighting for a President who has proven himself better than any politician, was keeping promises he made, and loves the country is not the cult you think it is.

Re: The country is going to pass socialism

You were right about one thing, I'm certainly old enough not to believe any of what you just blathered!
As he said "I love the uneducated", and of the two of us, he wasn't referring to me!

Re: The country is going to pass socialism

"June", please return and post again when you have something else to say, but next time please make it 'understandable'!