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Ah Hmmm, excuse me Mr publisher Sarr.

But is there any Lansemen still alive in this shop, or are they hibernating for the Trumpian nuclear Winter?

Re: Ah Hmmm, excuse me Mr publisher Sarr.


Dey say dat the products on the shelf in the shop have been contaminated with GMO. The weavels have taken over the flower and rice.The butter has become rancid; no more sugar because it too has lost its sweetness and the only thing that remained in the shop is Bay rum and vinegar.

And despite all the efforts by the shopkeeper and the few patrons who had remained to keep the business solvent,the vendors have rejected the importation of any new products saying "they are too starchy and bad for their health".

So Sah! dis Frenchman has decided to stay in his Chateaux and sip tea....ah mean tae.

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters over ponce` de L`anse

Re: Ah Hmmm, excuse me Mr publisher Sarr.

Well I checked the OBITS for all the shop talkers especially those from yhe North Side, nutten, I did a search for all the nick names and aliases all you luv so much, nutten. I checked to see if one of Kim Yun Un toys went astray and blow up the 29th June Clubhouse, and all you was in it, nutten. So ah figger dat the Madman in Chief threaten all you wid deportation to the Guacamole side of de "Wall' he billin. So all you fingers get ah stroke.

Any way, nevah mind dat. What do you predict is going to happen to all you country during thr reign of Donald de Terrible. Would it last 2yrs, 4 yrs? Will the Repubs be devastated? or would they just smoothe out their metaphorical dresses and just walk on like nutten happen. Will the de Dcrats ever find a leader?, Will they ever grow balls?, Will they find a leader wid balls? What ever happened to Bernie and Elizabeth, did they leave town, once de Chump showed up? Will America have to knuckle under and be ruled by thr "Deplorables?
Will Spice people finally demand heavy manners for dem wanabe gangsters who are growing bolder and more ridiculous by the day? Tell us oh Learned Louison, Imbue our addled pea brains with peace and clarity.