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Re: Searching for historical information on the female line of my father's family from Gouyave

Wow! Thank you for that. They apparently were fairly close to my father, Owen and lived for some time in Trinidad. My aunt says they partied together a lot as young people. However, as time went by, people go their own ways. My aunt lost touch with the nieces after the mother died. I am learning about these folks for the first time really. We stayed by one of them in 1963 for about 1 month, but my memory is vague as I was really young.

Any further info would be appreciated. I can be reached at mzzpia@yahoo.com

Re: Searching for historical information on the female line of my father's family from Gouyave

Looking forward to hearing from the Roderique family and Tony. Sent my details via a rather lengthy email.

Re: Searching for historical information on the female line of my father's family from Gouyave

So.... an exciting update - I was able to connect Elizabeth Beggs as the mother of Sophia Jardine (nee Welsh) as well as the mother of my grandmother Mabel Nicholas. This ties in to the dna connect I got to Sophia's granddaughter - Joy Jardine.

Wow! DNA testing works! ...and the fact that USA has good records. I actually got the connect off Sophia's death record.

BTW, FamilySearch.org is an excellent source of information for the Caribbean

Re: Searching for historical information on the female line of my father's family from Gouyave

My short yet twisted research has brought some more clarity that I thought I'd share. Gouyave must be a very interesting place and I plan to be there this August for a brief holiday; one of many, I hope.

I've formerly posted that I found a connection to Elizabeth Beggs, now for the clarity.

Elizabeth Frances Beggs, my great grandmother; was the daughter of Elizabeth Beggs. She was also the sister of Celina Beggs and alleged siblings are Sophia Jardine (nee Welsh), Frank Baptiste, Phillip Charles, Seon ?, Chappie?

I've DNA connected to one of Sophia Jardine's grand daughters, a great grand son and great, great, granddaughter, so I'm fairly certain of that branch's connection. Sophia's branch migrated to the USA, and are easily traceable. Of the other listed siblings, based on conversations with my paternal aunt, she met and remembered an Uncle Phillip. Phillip Charles was also identified as a brother of Sophia - I found this in documents on Sophia's travels.

My aunt also said Phillip had a son named Eli, who was a headmaster in Gouyave and at some point went to Barbados. She did not recall his last name.

So Gouyave readers I'm looking for anyone who has heard of a headmaster with the first name Eli and his possible descendants. I'm also looking for Seon's offspring named Eastlyn and her descendants. I'm also trying to verify Frank Baptiste. These siblings may have had different fathers, the connect is Elizabeth Beggs - 2nd great grandmother.

I've been given a link to a 1902 book https://archive.org/details/grenadahandbook01unkngoog that lists Elizabeth Beggs as a midwife.

From my brief knowledge of Gouyave, I am sensing that many of the older families are quite interrelated, that we're in fact one big happy pumpkin vine family.
I've also DNA tested with many St. Paul family members of Grenadian extract, one Ollivierre and one Commissiong! DNA testing is a wonderful thing, though some fear it.

One thing though, the men (fathers) are noticeably absent from names in my posting. Hoping this can be corrected as well.

Would love any input from anyone with knowledge of the folks mentioned in this post.