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LAST Mac's Minibike Yard Sale January 19,2019 LosAngelesArea

Getting the information here early.........
This next Minibike Yard Sale will be my LAST ONE.
Just too old and feeble to continue.
Appreciate all of you that have made it to past sales.
At 66 years old it's time to actually retire.
Prices will be low and leftover items will be scrapped,
so be sure to try to make it over this time.

You can reach me at my email address in this posting
for further details.

Age: 66

Re: LAST Mac's Minibike Yard Sale January 19,2019 LosAngelesArea

Thanks to all who attended my LAST Minibike Yard Sale.
I will still be posting videos of "Mac's Swapmeet Treasures" on YouTube,
if and when I find some again, it's been slow lately.

I'm keeping enough of my parts to use on some future projects.

Age: 66