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Is this site still active?

Greetings & Happy New Year!

Things seem pretty quiet here - is the site still active? I used to have a login but there is nowhere to log in. I have a Simplex Spitfire mini I will be looking to sell. Thank you!


Re: Is this site still active?

Must still be active, you posted, I posted. Seems active to me, but then I am an old man and my mind is not so active itself anymore.

People still come here, and use the site for the great info here. They just don't post.

Taco, Bonanza, Cat, Flexo . ( California Mini's )

....and by the way.......Thank you Minidoodle Web Master for keeping the website active.

Age: 67

Re: Is this site still active?

Same question I have. But I am still thankful for keeping the site on line and the forum is still on going. I hope there will be an event for us to meet up and share ideas and memories that we can treasure. Time flies so fast, nowadays I just spent days with my grandchildren playing play - official site 1 and Keep safe everyone.