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Looking for value

Looking for the value of a 1970’s Powell challenger , any advice would help . Please call or email ASAP

Age: 49

Re: Looking for value

Today (5/5/20) is my Birthday, I'm 68 years old today. You should just give it to me.
Value depends on where it is, what condition it is in and if the world is in a Pandemic.
Keep it and enjoy the ride.

Hello All !! Yep, Still around..............

Age: 68

Re: Looking for value

I also looking for that with good engines. I purchased one way back 2018 but unfortunately the motor got broken easily. I am still looking for 1970's Powell in good condition. Thank you for starting this thread. I wish someone could help us. Anyway, if you feel bored you may also visit go deal now and gacha life download