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repeat question 2

2. __ ____
9/ /8 + / 50 / 5

please advise how to simplify.

Re: repeat question 2

Dear Mrs Chan,

I do not understand the expression. Please use the symbol sqrt (square root) instead of /. For example, sqrt(9) = 3. Please also use brackets and blank spaces properly because your expression involves fractions. Please note that 9/8 + 50 is different from 9/(8+50).

Nevertheless, I can still give you some hints. To simplify such kind of expression, you should try to factor out the full squares. For example, since 50 contains the factor 25, which is a full square, so you should write 50 = 2x25 and so sqrt(50) = sqrt(2x25) = 5 x sqrt(2). Similarly, sqrt(8) = 2 x sqrt(2).