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Re: here we go again...

Hi lefty

I been watching all this for a while and have much to say about it but to me its the same old song and dance. As far back as I can remember after the shooting they say somethings got to be done. Then like now they do it all wrong. Washington talks about everything but the real problem which is,,High capacity magazines and AR and AK assault style weapons. They are made for one reason, and it ain't hunting. Theres a lot of Hunters in our family and not one uses that kind of weapon!

Just like San Berdo, Shady Brook and even as far back as the North Hollywood, Ca Shoot out they been talking tough, gonna do something! Just Talk.

In fact just yesterday the Florida State legislators voted down a motion to bring it to the floor by like 74 to 36 just to bring it to the floor for discussion!

I think that its time to vote that 70+ idiots here in FL out. We already started here in heavily Republican Sarasota by voting in Margret Good a Dem to take a republican seat that has been held forever.

I think its gonna happen now..

More on this later