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Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi, I have the disk version of Sensible Soccer. However, disk one is copy protected. Have tried making a copy with Omnidisk, but no go.

Think I would have to make a RAW dump or something with an Amiga.

Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi Steve,

cheers for trying anyway mate. Yeah, I think the only way would be to use some special tools and an Amiga to get a "clone" type dump, including the protection etc.

I saw a thread on the English Amiga Board regarding the SPS, (Software Preservation Society), and I think they use their own "IPF" format? Anyway, from what I could gather, they send you some special tools, and step you through how to dump images etc. Sounds like a lot of effort! Shame nobody ever bothered cracking the Acorn version of Sensi.

Anyway, thanks again mate, appreciate your reply.