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Re: Transom mounted outboard????

Hi All,

I've taken a smaller, older outboard off the transom of my Columbia 26 MkII and really like it better now that it's in the well (though the lack of steering in reverse seems to be the main sacrifice, I really like the ease of operation). So I'm getting ready to order a quieter, newer motor to put in the well permanently.

I'm thinking about the Tohatsu 9.8HP 4 stroke. Can anyone comment on whether it's likely to be too big or too powerful in the well, and if I should get the 15" short shaft? It seems like it might be ideal. Is there a better/less expensive motor that anyone would recommend?

We considered going with the inboard, but it looks like it would cost more to repower that way than the boat's worth, but if anyone has any advise either way, I'd appreciate it.