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Re: ISRAEL, RUSSIA, AND AMERICA (the good, the bad, and the ugly) !!!

The many reasons why people fight wars is to produce the same results. No one has ever won a war, because it devastated the both sides. In bible days, war was more a religious fact. People fought wars, back then, as according to the Bilbe, as were sent to them by God, for the liberation of the oppressed. Those people that were taken in bondage were followers of God. He was taken by His word, and the people didn't care what measures He used to take them out of The House of Bondage. Today, war has a different twist; it's based on power, and money, a recognition of respect for elites and the so-called legacies. While the weak, the poor, and the hungry paid with their lives for the comfortable living of the same elites and their families.

Rightfully speaking, young men/women were drafted in an Army. Toady, they join an army at free will. And, if I can say it, it's all in the name of killing people. However, the promise of making a career in the army is an illusion that is hard to see through. At the end of the career, there's often huge regrets. Silently!

Technically speaking, no one ever lived to enjoy the fruits of his labor!

Still, I understand the function of wars. If wars are fought for gaining freedom, then let it be! For protecting things, like National Interest, etcetera, a diplomatic solution is always most suitable. But men are fierce and furious; they'll so anything to be powerful.

In any event, the world could do without wars. It doesn't need a war to survive. What it need is freedomfor one and all - a makeover - turn it upside down, give the world a makeover!

That'll be enough.

Thanks for the compliment!

Que tenga unas buenas noche! (Have a great night!)