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Re: religion slave agents : inclusive or dismissive of a once small 'cohesive' community?

>>Hey Melo, I personally couldn't give a hoot that the queen bestowed the BEM MEDAL on Albert Joseph, and for that matter anyone else.<<

The above is quoted verbatim from my post in response to Melo's "COME ON."

Maybe I'm living in a different world, but Lady G, please let me know since when the act of the queen bestowing the BEM MEDAL on someone has become or always was a religious act. Are you trying to paint me as a religious hater who has no respect for other's religion?

If I'm wrong please tell me my dear lady, what point are you trying to make by twisting what I said, so you can write >>Whilst using Tony’s phrase, ‘I do not give a hoot’ about anyone’s faith selection, but no one should wickedly afflict folks life with the misery based on their preferred religious beliefs or expectations, folks religious selection based on their own criteria whether it is right or wrong in anyone eyes...<<

Maybe I've misunderstood your point. But this is not the first time that you've lost me and many others who've voiced the same thing with whatever point it is that you were/are trying to make.
Anyway whatever your point is, please quote me correctly, and DO NOT attribute YOUR words to me.

It would be appreciated; thank you.

Re: religion slave agents : inclusive or dismissive of a once small 'cohesive' community?

i have to write this, not as good as lady g style , i am not well educated,i will be the first to admit - people should not rebuff others when they need to write things of interest - also jealousies brief jealousies, long live lady g - i wish i could right as well. funny it is a bit of a thumbs down for you sad people, when the big time people can quote from famous authors of literichtere. - somethings u right make me think.

lady g god bless you dear, i know you are in the pacific region, enjoy the sun, let me know when, if you are coming to uk at any time, i will buy you in coffee and keep writingh.

Re: religion slave agents : inclusive or dismissive of a once small 'cohesive' community?

I sympathize with you and sorry to hear about your mother but I understand where you are coming from. When I was a little girl many of my neighbours changed religion and my mother did not and we had a difficult time with them. If we dressed in shorts or attend our church we were ridiculed. These people were our relatives but they were ignorant and were brain washed. We moved and left them with their lives and we noticed their lives began to crumble. Just leave them to God and he will do the rest.