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Re: Trinidad PM Fires more Ministers

mr arthur i am nokt young, but men in high jhobs weere educatted and helpful to comunikty members helping to rite letters - but now look they ar3e no good to do a good job and are sack from high office - now look at the twiststers of mnatters in law legal field. I grew up with respect and witoiut respect there is no hoope. My good ole mammyh use to tell me you know better do better - educated people are to hhelp commuknti not throw mud and dirt, peolpe are sick surferng frome ill in the head - me mammy tell me it will go back in their face. Whewn me ole mammy die she left moeny dollar in bank for us, so we doh have to beg nobodi.
all countries is dishease today some people are born to be bad, but the bad golden apoples wil always try to rot the good ones, so trinidad are write to get rid of thise bad men - what eggsample are they showing the young. I am learneing to use intnet.

Re: Trinidad PM Fires more Ministers

HEY LOUGAROOO u WRITE (WHAT eggsample are they showing the young.I am learneing to use intnet.) Don't be afraid lougarooo to use d internet d way u can,it happens to are lot of us old folks,LOL,LOL,Who are Forced to do business and daily chores on D INTNET,LOL,