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Re: Down Street, The Frenchman Parler, Sah!

Good day to all , welcome back Vernon. I had a good laugh this morning when I open the website and looked at the new reply's from Vernon's piece yesterday. I was itching to reply yesterday but decided to lay low until this morning, Finally we will have closure on this issue and what a great discussion it was, Arthur I see that Vernon has raised his white flag in agreement with your point of view, I salute him here. Arthur keep up the good work and remember is "so we dey, it's a Grenadian ting, Ah gone".

Re: Down Street, The Frenchman Parler, Sah!

Frenchman, I opened this thread seeking your take and Arthur's take on the subject and I got them. Thank you for your insightful response, your vocabulary like your reasoning, was impeccable as always, even if English was not the Frenchman's "franca lingua" as we say Down Street.

And speaking of Downstreet, we had no intent of making the natives restless, we were simply making an observation, which somehow brought out the defense squad. Of course I had no idea that this topic was debated on the site before, since I am only an occasional visitor.

Again I welcome the cogent clarity which you brought to the topic, and for that I think that we should share an eights of Rivers on the L'anse bridge one evening.Not sure if it would be wise to venture further North.