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Re: The Subliminal Message In Our Children's Protest....Cut It Out!

Sister Merle,

I totally agree with you and it is about time people begin to recognize the problem for what it is; pure unadulterated statutory rape and incest. In the case of the women who choose to remain silent, I don't think it is love for Husband over that of their children. Instead I believe it is a case of economics and the fear of having to raise children by themselves that influences their silence.

As you are aware, this is more devastating to a child's psyche than one can imagine. There are cases of permiscuity and suicidal tendencies, not to mention the lack of self worth and esteem; all associated with early sexual intervention. Still these children are expected to take up their rightful places in society and live "normal lives".

Good to see them addressing the problem head on. The next step should be the incorporation of our legal system to prosecute all those who are charged and have them face the full extent of the law but be mindful of those who are accused and found to be not guilty. They too should be fully exonerated and be given a chance to live their lives free from any stigma even though I think this would not be possible.