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Re: Keeping Brexit local Msr VTL

VTL and Mello, it's comforting to see im not alone with my views on the subject. I believe in strength in numbers and do not support the isolationist views of most of the "leavers". The answer might lie somewhere in the middle, a robust European common market, with regulated immigration and cultural safeguards.
Merkel's approach is dangerous, in a world of religious extremists,.

I also do not believe in a world without borders, as embraced by the carefree millenials of today. Every one of them seem to want to strap on back packs and spend their lives exploring the planet. I hope they are prepared to survive on grass and weeds, when there's no one left to grow food, or when the refugees of today, refuse to serve the infidels tomorrow. The apocalypse is coming, reserve your seat on the Mars .shuttle..

As for all the talk about free movement in the Caribbean, I would adopt a simiar approach. The fragile economies of most of the smaller countries, and societies constantly battered by relentless migration, would probably not be well served by a revolving door admitting streams of new people.

Our security forces are definitely not ready for prime time, and may never be able to match wits with professional criminal imports.I like the concept of border controls, and I also like the adage, if it aint broke, don't fix it.