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Re: With Independence, Liberty and Belly, "ah doh fraid to call he name"

Vern, thanks for your kind words and thanks especially for the exhilarating discourse, which allowed me to rediscover and exercise my colloquial linguistic muscles which I thought had long atrophied. I would hope that we would be able to share views on topics outside of the context of Gouyave, from time to time.

As for your identity rule, for me it is great that this platform allows some measure of anonymity, because it allows one to focus on the message, and not the messenger, a trait which runs contra to our Grenadian Culture. Maybe it is our insularity, or a built in safeguard against cohabiting within one's blood line, like Scrunter say "That is you family", whatever it is, there seems to be an insatiable craving among Spice Islanders to know the family trees and everything about everybody.From cradle to grave. Could it be that the internet, Face book and instagram, was invented by one of us? Or was the idea stolen by a tourist vacationing on Grand Anse? Hmmm.

I was not lying when I said that the level of discourse here is often way above my academic and comprehensive acumen, I readily acknowledge my limitations, and pay tribute to superior minds.I am simply grateful for the opportunity to participate on occasions, without being thrashed and then trashed.

I cannot leave without a parting word about your favourite Bistro. It is my understanding than in the wake of the Brexit Jacks embargo, Mama San has resorted to importing her delicacies from abroad.Her new menu boasts: Dogfish from the English Channel, Catfish from the Gulf of Mexico, and in tribute to the Left Bank, from the Amazon Jungle, the "piece D' Resistance" Fer d' L'anse, please excuse my Francais.