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Re: Rio de Guaverio and de Frenchman was there.

French, mon amie, I sympathize,I truly do.I understand the disappointment and dismay which struck your community, after convincing yourselves without even knowing who will be participating in the race,that "our boy mus win" because he is one ah we.

I was waiting to hear where the blame would fall, and true to Trumpian form, you claim that, it is about the replacement of fish broth, with Mick Pic 2's in KJ's diet..Not being privy to Kirani's dietary regimen, I cannot say yea or nay, although I had heard that Mamma San had prepared a special bowl of Greyhound Gai Pan, and sent it to the Buoy, before he left for Rio..

Like every other Downstreetonian,I was relegated to watching the race from the seawall, since the inner confines of Cutbut Peters was chock full of screaming Norsemen.We tend towards gentility down dey. If Kirani does come back to graze however, he would have to do so in Charlotte Towne, since our undersea barriers, have effectively foreclosed the migration of the species known as Jaxus Maximus,to areas North of the River Seine.We warned you, to stop saying unkind things about us. Trump talks about building a wall, we did. But KJ could eat by we,and stay down dey, he can bring he own silver ware, from rio..

Re. the grimace on Kirani"s face as the cruise missile from Closier blew by him, One of your pardners on exiting the park claimed, that the loss was unfair,he say de Injun win was gas propelled, and that KJ's grimace was caused by the pungent aroma of curry pooomm. Allyu fellahs real good oui.

Re: Rio de Guaverio and de Frenchman was there.

As usual, your post/postings brought a laugh!

Being in NY I could not be in Cuthbert Peters' park that day. As it is, however, that evening I was at a backyard party - the only Gouyaverian there, everybody else from tung, not that it matttered as we were all Kirani lovers. At 10 minutes to the race a few patriotic ones of us went upstairs to view the sports. We were so pumped up that we actually lustily sang the anthem BEFORE the race, finishing a few seconds before it started. I have to admit that I was so blown away by the winner that my mouth literally dropped. You could have heard a pin drop for a few seconds in that room. As true Grenadians, however, never ever daunted (for long anyway), the screams started, silver yah, we got silver, Kirani, Kirani!! To get gold is one great thing, but whether silver, bronze, or just being in the race it comes with the recognition of being the best in the world at any given time or the other.

So now we await Tokyo 2020 with the greatest of expectations! lol

Re: Rio de Guaverio and de Frenchman was there.

Thank you, AM. No one could have expressed so many of our sentiments any better than the way you did!! Very well done.