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Re: "Talkshop Selwyn" Can't Do Sums

Vern,it is always a pleasure interacting with you, Tony and the other posters here.It is not surprising that your Guaveness, was treated with such scant courtesy on that other forum,my grandfather used to say a little knowledge could be d dangerous, and with everyone now a secondary school graduate, they consider
it their civic duty to enforce the rules of syntax.
It matters little to them that English as spoken on the streets and Grenadian TV,may well have been a second or third language to them.They grabbed the opportunity to pounce on a country boy from Gouyave,totally missing your deliberate introduction of our colloquialism into the discourse.
But as we know one has to be tired of lobster, before we can appreciate the delicate flavors of "pick on gouge" so let them be.
That they tried to suck up, once they figured that you had some pedigree is stage two of that Grenadian malady. aka Mal khadi , that I spoke before.
There used to be a time when folks wanted to know you so that they could help build you up and be proud to have contributed in whatever way to your success.
The new Gren X Ers see it differently.
Someone once said to me, "Boy dis is ah block and tackle society, if dey can't block you, dey go tackle you" true dat, but once they realise that you will succeed regardless,they line up to be your BFF.
There was no need to wake up ah ageable person foreday mornin to arx Dem for a few patois words, you ah arx me,sac etan parle lot.