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Re: Bursting the Thread Below, With an Intriguing Observation.

St. Paul, Sah!

When I saw your initial post on Gogouyave, I welcomed you with the opened arms of a Monsieur and good gentleman that I am. I saw your inquiry and was the first to acknowledge my shortcomings with being unable to provide you with an answer. But I knew the History lessons would soon follow as I had been exposed to little tid-bits of it in "the other house". And with flying colors, you gave us quite a lot; some, retaining their authenticity in the original French language in which they were written, hence our reliance on your interpretation. Others were thesis of our own Caribbean folks, pointing to what they saw as "our tribal tendencies", all with your summations with references and appropriate footnotes. To date, my only objection (albeit a flowery one) was during your "coronation ceremony of Miss Zabetti" where I had a contrary opinion. I had choosen to focus on her prolonging the struggle (even though through no fault of her own) while you had choosen to focus on her entrepreneurial ambitions in continuing to enslave our Forefathers.

Now Sah! was this an unwelcoming mat? or is it just you playing the character of Devil's Advocate.....again! with a Copper of hot oil waiting to boil my a.. this Monsieur?

I do pray that your inquisition does not reveal another set of barbarous acts of the British on dem Louison's and that they did not suffer the same fate like the DeCorteaux,s. But that fight is for their bloodline offsprings in Canada to take up and I would not be surprised if they say " it was we Blacks with their last names that fretted the British".

I also must remember that barbarism were always the acts committed by the oppressed.

Much appreciate your response and ah beg you pardon for making you feel unwelcome. Pennance and Entreme Unction are in order for me, Sah!.....lol

Monsieur Louison