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Re: Bursting the Thread Below, With an Intriguing Observation.

“….I had choosen to focus on her prolonging the struggle (even though through no fault of her own) while you had choosen to focus on her entrepreneurial ambitions in continuing to enslave our Forefathers….”

It is statements like the above that keeps my interest in this kind of stuff – alive. It is so unfair to Madam Zabetta. The evil was in the institutions; not individuals. In the time that Zabetta wrote her will (1780s), most enslaved Africans in Grenada had almost completely accepted their place as enslaved members in that European created society. The insurgency in 1795 – 1797 was about cultural identity, the greedy side of Capitalism (brought about by the British), and the obstruction of a true developing nation by British rule. The French whites who were really defining this new nation had become the new nation. They did so with their African slaves even as Slavery STILL remained a legal institution.

After the British took control of the island the first law on the books was to stop the development of anything of a Creole nation. It became extremely difficult and near impossible to free women like Zabetta, white French master’s colored children, or African or colored people on the island. The British had NO interest in developing West Indian nations. Their only purpose there were to get as much work as possible out of the enslaved Africans even if it meant working them to death. The French on the island maintained Slavery but they had a very different relationship with their slaves. The Fedon insurrection showed that. During the insurrection enslaved Grenadians had the opportunity – like in Haiti, to wipe out ALL the white French masters and their white and colored families on the island. Instead the records shows that they sided with these masters in an attempt to wipe out British rule and Capitalism that benefited Great Britain. After over seven thousand slaves committed their lives to this struggle, the survivors together with their former French masters were all grouped together and tried, hanged, and forced into exile with no special treatment based on race or color.

We remained that defeated people to this day. That final struggle defined us without curiosity until our dictator and the PRG found political propaganda uses to bamboozle the uninformed masses with Nancy Stories about the Fedon insurrection. Fedon and him Comrades’ anger was about maintaining their dignity as a new Grenadian. Had the insurrection prevailed, enslaved Africans would not have remained an enslaved people. They would have been more equal in building New Grenada! We would have had our own true national identity. Confident of who were are. Not divided in a Colony where a few selected were schooled in Great Britain and returned to support the interest of Great Britain, and rewarded now and then with senseless titles bearing names of Empires and afforded the opportunity every decade or so to line up in the streets to view an imperial figure in all her glory. How disgraceful. My intention is to try and change this.

I am hoping one day more of our people will see the importance of this aspect of our history. Jane Landers, who shares little or non of our experiences, is credited with enlighten the world about our struggles.