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Re: Bursting the Thread Below, With an Intriguing Observation.

"The evil was in the institutions; not individuals."
Really? Did the institution evolve of its own accord without any human input?

"We remained that defeated people to this day. That final struggle defined us without curiosity until our dictator and the PRG found political propaganda uses to bamboozle the uninformed masses with Nancy Stories about the Fedon insurrection. Fedon and him Comrades’ anger was about maintaining their dignity as a new Grenadian. Had the insurrection prevailed, enslaved Africans would not have remained an enslaved people. They would have been more equal in building New Grenada! We would have had our own true national identity. Confident of who were are. Not divided in a Colony where a few selected were schooled in Great Britain and returned to support the interest of Great Britain, and rewarded now and then with senseless titles bearing names of Empires and afforded the opportunity every decade or so to line up in the streets to view an imperial figure in all her glory. How disgraceful. My intention is to try and change this."

I would have liked to delve further into your above conclusions. Maybe next time. But do keep up the good work.