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Re: Bursting the Thread Below, With an Intriguing Observation.

Vernon. as ah small fry in dis town, ah try not to involve meself in big municipal matters as de painting of de Pool, but since you insist on bringing me in dis talk. ah have to say my piece.

First of all de Pool is not located in de French Quarter, it is in de Demilitarized Zone between Down Street and all you up dey, so ah doh see why you gettin so twisted about if dey go paint it, an what color it go be.

As far as ah know, dey say people in Grenada stop pick up nutmeg long ago, dey say it dont pay.So wat dey need a Pool for, I not ah land owner so ah doh know. Dey say de GCNA mismanage de bizness to extinction and even dat big compound on the Lagoon is ketchin its nen nen.Ah doh know.

Ah padner of mine who name ah not callin say, dey should find something else to do wid dat place, so de talk came up in de shop, as to what to do. One fellah say, turn into a shopping mall, and call it de Midtown Mall, annodder fellah say, turn it into ah place for prisoners on probation, and call it de Halfway House, because it is Halfway between Downstreet and de Lanse. Annodder Fella say no need for all dem fancy ideas and names, de place is de Pool arreddy, turn it into ah swimmin pool, so you and you brudder could come back an practice de back stroke, and win Olympic gold medal like Kirani.