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Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni

no wonder the talkshop is dying, because nobody want to come here and listen to lunatics like you and the other two.

Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni

"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, boi".

You should demand an apology from The Scarlet for making your head hurt after forcing you to read this thoughtful, well coordinated and coherent piece of his.

We had already failed in asking you to coordinate your writing skills outside of the Facebook readership to voice your opinion and got nothing! from you.

And for those who choose to remain here, branding them with your vitriolic "lunatics" connotation does nothing to improve the issue of poor participation.

But " is so, some ah we dey!

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters.

Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni re facts

Mr Facts sir, the hundred and fifty readers who are still on this forum, has been holding their breaths waiting for your incireful posts and words of wisdom. Please don't let them die of asphyxiation. BRING IT.