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Re: So now that the Kirani James train

Downstreet, Sah!

The points you have introduced to the board in encouraging government to seize the opportunity of Kirani's exposure of Grenada to the world by further enhancing the potential of others, so that they too can make their contributions, are well documented.

But as we are dealing mostly with government here, we must continue to be mindful of their shortsightedness, even when the obvious is steering them in the face. The powers that be, (from inception of our state government up to this present time) seem to focus entirely on encouraging an efficient system to compartmentalize a sense of complacency in this bureaucratic juggernaut they call government. By doing this, they have developed pockets of dependencies where initatives, creative thinking and proactiveness remains stymied, hence impeding intellectual growth.

And as an excuse, they explain- away their incompetence with statements like....."government is continuously faced with the daunting task of utilizing scarce resources in areas where maximum retun can be achieved". It is important to note that they usually mean within the election cycle where they can pose with whomever and say " 'WE'! win"; We win!.

Padnah, I do pray that those potential economic initiatives you addressed above do not fall on deaft ears and are implemented fortwith. God knows that as we slowly try to climb out of this I.M.F vice grip (hopefully with our biological designations in tack) and prepare ourselves to carry the burden of our load, we would begin to think differently and maximize our economic potentials. I suspect though that lurking in the background, "the political re-engineers" would be making noise again.

PS: did Selwyn give the tape measure to the Chinese before they build the overpass???

Monsieur Louison

Re: So now that the Kirani James train - by Downstreet - Sep 18, 2017 4:26pm