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Thank you!
Just wanted to say a quick thank you to "the City" for setting up the bulk trash barrel buy, to help we seniors save a few dollars. Every little bit helps. Thanks!
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Last Post: Mar 23, 2022 10:50pm
by Geezer
Melrose COVID-19 Testing Extended 7 18 2020
MELROSE, MA - Drive-thru testing for COVID-19 will continue Saturday after hours-long wait times Friday. The testing will be in the same location from 1-6 p.m. If you do come, wear a mask and do not bring any pets. Results are expected within 48 hours.A medical worke...
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Last Post: Jul 17, 2020 9:12pm
by Saturday 7 18 20...
Monica needs your vote tomorrow!
The REAL conservative leader in Melrose, Monica deserves your vote tomorrow for State Rep. Write in Write in “MONICA MEDEIROS, 3 BAY STATE ROAD, APT A, MELROSE, MA”. We have a plan!!!
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Last Post: Mar 2, 2020 2:39pm
by Monica for State...
Next Mayor November 5, 2019,
Melrose is a great city, and the next mayor will have a unique opportunity to build on that foundation and lead us into the future. Get out and VOTE TOMORROW....November 5, 2019, be proud of you city.
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2019 8:04pm
by Tamara
Get Out And Vote For The First Women Mayor Monica....she will do her job.
Do Not Let Them Bully You Again...It is our right to vote.
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2019 4:59pm
by Every vote count...
A “shout-out” thank you to Patty, for including a ‘special’ Seniors’ section on this message board, and to the current owners for continuing it. It’s been fun. Enjoy! Hi-yo Silver, away!
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Last Post: Oct 16, 2019 2:01pm
by Geezer
Score a touchdown, hand the ball to an official, and walk off the field. These 'choreographed' touchdown celebrations have gotten sickening (change the channel or turn away from the tv sickening). You did your job, what you get paid for. Enough already. Do you want y...
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2018 10:00pm
by Geezer
Hard to believe that it was 15 years ago.
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Last Post: Sep 11, 2016 10:26am
by Geezer
E Wyoming Ave
Any old people here from the E Wyoming Ave Area
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Last Post: Sep 9, 2014 6:32pm
by Old Buzzard
Bot Spam
To PW: there appears to be a flood of bot spam posted to every topic on MM. The screen names are: jaygayovel, nermars, webliray, bevynegyn, and zethojana. These contain what appear to me to be very suspicious links. I fwd this to NorthShoreMessages, but I'd like...
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Last Post: Jul 16, 2014 2:30pm
by Fossil
Medal for Steve langton
Congrats to Melrose native Steve Langton and his family for securing a medal at th Olympics! great kid, great family!
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Last Post: Feb 18, 2014 12:01am
by USA
Where is the High School Latin teacher?
Where is the Latin teacher, he has not been seen for a while. Did they escort him out of the building?
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2013 3:25pm
by parent
Seniors Day at Mount Hood Memorial Park Event - Tuesday, Oct, 29th
To all seniors - join us for a free day in the park on Tuesday, October 29th at beautiful Mount Hood Memorial Park. Activities begin at 11:00am and include lectures on the history of the park as well as the flora and fauna of the park. Lunch and refreshments will be...
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Last Post: Oct 22, 2013 10:45pm
by MFD