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My old Minibike

Is this this a trail horse mini bike? I never knew what it was and in 1977 I don't think I cared. My grandpa bought it used, it was painted a copper color when he got it for me from a local bike shop for 90 dollars in the summer of 1976.
My dad and I redid it that winter and added some parts he order from some go-cart and mini bike catalogs one of his co-workers had. We added the gas tank and chain guard from them and my grandpa bought a new 3 1/2 horse engine for it. The kick start was added too. If you have any comments about it or info on the parts used please share them with me. Thanks.

Age: old

Re: My old Minibike

I have a comment:
Why has the picture been deleted already?
I don't know.... is that a comment or question.....

I really like the Trail Horse mini's.

Age: 68