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Re: Join in praying for the safety of the Caribbean islands - for a free huricane season

>>Genevieve,i c u on your high alter dis morning,do u really think deep down,that prayes could stop a hurricane from striking the Caribbean,(ONLY ASKING YOU NOTHING PERSONAL) LOL.<<

Now that's the old "New Street Boys" Melo I grew up with!! Always funny and sarcastic like hell!

Re: Join in praying for the safety of the Caribbean islands - for a free huricane season

HEY tony,boy I just come from CHURCH,and saw that PIECE of Genevieve take,and I was killing myself LAUGHING, OK off to Notting Hill Carnival Now its Children Day Today, LATA,

Re: Join in praying for the safety of the Caribbean islands - for a free huricane season

According to The Holy Bible (King James Version), God made everything by Himself, and saw that it was good. But, with the 'Subjection' mood looming over our heads, we often fail to ask ourselves a question cncerning what the Bilbe says. We misinterpreted the words in the Holy Bible, so as to fit our beliefs, by accepting what was told to us as truth. However, your praying to God to save the Caribbean Islands from an huricane is, to me, an absurdly insane mentality, for a mortal man to have. (No disrespect to you, in any form).

Futhermore, since when an earthly man can stop God from His Ways? He's the architect of the Universe, and won't tell his secrets to "mortal man", not even in the Name of Complete Trust, in him.

As far as I know, God in "His Richmess, and Infinite Mercy" giveth, and taketh away! No one has yet convinced God to do as they requested of Him. He does things His way, and no question posed to him about it was answered by Him. If it was that way well, then, God will be doing favors to some people, and partial to others.

When God strikes, he doesn't care about who get, or didn't get killed. He knows and understands the fundamental reason(s), for anything that happens naturally, to this world. And, he will not render an apology for the natural disasters that caused so much lives to be lost in them.

Now, don't you have some sort of feeling for the parts of Asia, that were affected by the Monsoons each and every year, in the past, and will still experiencing more Monsoons to come? Many people, too, have been parying to God for deliverance from the Monsoons in certain parts of the Asian Continent. Is there any significant signs that the Monsoon seasons are about to hold back its fury on these islands? No. Not yet!

With that, we can not fail to realize that God is 'all powerful'! We can pray to Him for all the days and months we want still, then, he calls the shot. No permission is needed from anyone of us, when God is ready to make His moves. We must accept that, with no strings attached to it.

Let's hope for a safe and secured huricane season throughout the parts of the world, who frequently expriences it.

From God, that's the best we can hope for.