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Re: The St Johns' Educator scholarship funding - is it time for pedagogical change?

Genevieve, your questions about the scholarship funds are very interesting. The fund is to assist children from the Primary schools who have passed the common entrance into the Secondary schools. The funds can only assist a few children based on how much was collected. Many parent or parents may have a smart child but cannot afford the necessary resources, Example Clothing, books, bus fare, meals. A few years ago MIchael Passee, Canice Modeste and a few other people were sponsors. Canice keeps on fighting. She sponsors different fund raising to help the children from St Johns. Through these funds there are many students who are going to school without their parent worrying. If you will like to donate you can send to Canice Modeste. Get email from Arthur Hosten.

Re: The St Johns' Educator scholarship funding - is it time for pedagogical change?

Genevieve S., the more I ponder your questions, the more I realize that they are thoughtful and legitimate ones. So here is a suggestion:-

Let Carnice continue to do her exemplary work for the St. John's Educators Scholarship. She is much too deep into it for her to stop now. Moreover too many students in Gouyave are currently depending on the scholarship she is funding to continue their schooling. Now using her as a model, pattern and start your own project after hers to sponsor those you are advocating for. Trust me, Ms. Carnice Alexis-Modeste will be more than gracious to offer you whatever guidance you may need as you try to execute your plans. In that way she'll continue to satisfy the need she saw that existed, and you'll be satisfying a need that you are trying to get going.
Why not try it, it just might work!