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Why is the Grenadian carnival/festival accelerating on a downwards slope?

I was listening online to a recording of a radio show discussing the 2013 Grenada carnival or festival as it is now being refered to - not sure why it has been renamed as a festival? One of the sponsors being interviewed was putting forward his case for 'new ideas' to put the capital C back into carnival (my own term). The phone-in programme, had of course people reflecting back on their own carnival days with seemingly great awe and wonder - the sponsor seemed irritable (by voice detection), from my perspective he wanted minimal mention of the 'old days carnival', he wanted new ideas basically as how to move the Grenadian carnival forward - the show admitted to the fact that the carnival was not a success.

I am no carnival planning expert, but exploring changes from a sort of neutral perspective lens, I am concern, that most of the world countries are moving towards a greater part of the calendar year for more enjoyment (I suppose anything will be considered in societies where there is excessive stress, unemployment, rising alcohol consumption, falling societal standards, lack of minimal respect or courtesy towards one another, the inability to put forward one's ideas in a neutral and cohesive mannerisms, the list is perpetually.....

I am sure (of course, I stand to be corrected by an expert of carnival only) in the artistic academic literature, there are 'models' of what a good carnival should display for the eyes of the beholder, as there are 'models' for writing a good journalistic newspaper story, etc.

The bible makes reference, to the fact that the people without a vision perish, and of course, for the purpose of this question, Is the Grenadian carnival or festival on a downward slope? Of course, if the planners of Carnival do not have a 'creative vision' which is an crucial ingredient for any creative tasks success, then they will only be 'copycats' of other carnival planners 'models' or make their own subtle adjustments to other countries models. (Back to the radio programme, one person being interview stated that the 'shorteens' was a hallmark of the Grenadian carnival). So over the years have the role of the 'shorteens' being overhauled or developed in any manner? Also, ideas were voiced about Grenadian towns 'having their own carnival' which suppressed the 'big' St Georges' carnival - most of the callers to the programme were 'mature' people, who mostly reflected on seeing the bands, hearing the perfect beating steel pans coming down Market Hill in the blazing sun amidst the excited crowds, and to them that was Carnival! Sheer bliss by the sound of their excited voices as they relate their 'carnival stories'.

I may continue with this post another time, but to bring about 'temporary' closure. Basically, I think that the 'old carnival' should not be discarded, or rebuffed, or shunned aside - I think carnival 2014, should be a 'model' where the 'old' interwined/overlap with the 'new' ideas or even if it uses a model from another country, the 'old carnival' should still be subtle visible within the 'new grenadian carnival model'. From my perspective, the grenadian carnival model should continue to take into account the hallmarks that contribute to the island identity, its ancestry (Caribs/Arawaks, Africa, French, English Spanish) the nutmeg, the waterfalls, etc. The carnival planners need to take time out to study 'carnival models' and come up with a 'Grenada superstage carnival model' that will 'stand out'....but it will only come by listening to what the majority of each man, woman and young people of the island believe should be included in THEIR carnival festival. If the sponsors are staging a 'product' carnival/festival by following a given criteria - then of course the results are obvious!

I would appreciate, any responses to this post be from persons with 'expert carnival connectivity' and not off the cuff responses with minimal understanding of global carnival modelling phenomenal usage.

Re: Why is the Grenadian carnival/festival accelerating on a downwards slope?

Genevieve, based on your questions it seems as though you are a very knowledgeable person. I don't know if you are a Grenadian, especially Gouyavearian. You have some very great ideas which you can use to influence other Grenadians by researching before making final decisions. Example, Scholarship funds for Primary schools(can't afford college funds) renaming the Gouyave entrance sign, maving Guava a main agriculture in Gouyave, knowing about the fish friday commitement to the community of Gouyave(good luck on that one) and also reorganizing the carnival committee. How about getting an organization by internet also in person and put your ideas together. Your world travel experience will be greatly appreciated.