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Re: the passing of Mrs Alimenta Bishop - Mother of former PM Maurice Bishop

Many thanks 'Observer' for your sensible words. But, on the contrary, I must add despite the sad passing of Mrs Alimenta Bishop. I would like to ask the Father in Heaven to console all those who still have deep seated hurts of this part of Grenadian history, and they have a right to voice their anger, bitterness etc, and there is never a right time. For people vent their anger, hurts at the graveside, we know that, we are people of sense - we must never ignore contents of the post. For I believe in venting personal feelings - Dear Observer, it is part of the reconciliation process that brings about some percentage of healing of self, mind and body. No doubt persons would agree.

So I ask the Maker of heaven and earth, the God of all comfort to lay his healing hands on every one who feels let down by that chapter of the island history. Amen.

I hold them all the post authors with love, and send them my peace, as we stand firm together and let our beloved Grenadian sister and mother in Christ continue her journey in perfect peace to meet the most merciful and righteous Judge of the living and the dead. Amen.

So let us move on to make differences in each other lives with only love and goodwill and that goes lovingly to you Observer for your reconciliation intervention to bring all forum post to a close. Awaiting Gouyaveman's wonderful responses with immediate effects.

Re: the passing of Mrs Alimenta Bishop - Mother of former PM Maurice Bishop

>>mothers who had lost their children as a result of blindly following her Son to their death?<<

G/man, you and I have differed several times before on this particular subject, and from the implied sentiments expressed above, it appears that we'll continue to differ as usual.

What makes you think that those who followed Maurice Bishop were "blindly following" him as you put it? Are you saying that those people were similar to the rats that blindly followed the Pied Piper to the river and drowned? Do you know that the British and their sympathizers were saying the same thing about "Uncle" Eric Matthew Gairy during his struggles to bring some dignity to the poor man's lives in Grenada?

G/man, aren't you making a similar implication that those folks were poor and ignorant who couldn't possibly see for themselves what was about to happen,and therefore needed someone with a clear vision, like yours maybe, to steer them away from the dangerous path that Maurice was leading them on?

Don't you think that they were aware of "eyes" like yours who chances are were also admonishing them just as you are doing now, but yet chose to follow Maurice Bishop even to their deaths?
Is it so hard for you to accept and give credit to those "poor ignorant souls" for independently following Maurice because they saw something in him that they could not and did not see in anyone else? That was what they identified with, just as their parents in an earlier time did with Uncle!! That's why they flocked in droves behind those two leaders in their respective time periods.

Yes indeed many including Maurice Bishop himself, tragically lost their lives following that vision that he and they had. But please tell me which revolution that you know of did not produce similar results? Oh yes, some Afrikaners lost their lives plus thousands of Black South Africans who joined Mandela's struggle to set his people free. The America that we are enjoying did not come into being without the loss of lives of countless native Indians, plus many who followed George Washington in his struggle against king George the Third.

My friend, that's the nature of revolutions. Many do and will continue to die in the process!

And by the way, I don't think it's necessary to remind you that today marks 50 years since Dr. King gave his famous "I have a Dream" speech. You know the tremendous amount of Black Americans who joined Dr. King because they identified with his "Dream." Was it a bloodless struggle for Black Americans? Didn't he too lose his life? Would you denigrate him too?

Finally, G/man, maybe you are not realizing that you want them to do the same thing as you say Maurice did to them. You are also attempting to lead those poor ignorant folks on a dangerous path because your statement implies that only "eyes" like yours could guide them safely to whichever place they want to go, and therefore should follow you.

I know you have your point of view, but is that what you really mean? I doubt it, because "ees a good ting ah know you better dan dat!!!(lol)

Re: the passing of Mrs Alimenta Bishop - Mother of former PM Maurice Bishop