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Sense or sensibility : or is it all vanity?

In the classic literature book of one of the greatest universal author Jane Austen,which circulates around the life of two sisters where one of the sisters, seemingly show 'sense' and the other show 'sensibility'. I have been thinking about these two concepts with regard to the written word of people's perspective viewpoint or from their own angle of conflicting interest. Sometimes, one can detect, 'anger' 'suppression', 'open hostility' or 'egoism' or 'sheer vanity' (for the preacher [in the book of Ecclesiaticus] states all is vanity) from what is written using an object, for example, a keyboard or pen. So I ask an open question, are people of say, this forum post showing sense or sensibility or are some post or reply contents centralised in showing both degrees of sense and sensibility. Or no sense and no sensibility. From experiences or from a philosophical viewpoint, some people may claim to have sense, but they may be just showing sensibility? or displaying alternating components of both sense and sensibility? Or is it all vanity of vanities?

Sometimes, one hear people saying, "He or she has no sense"? So, does that mean if the person has no sense in that person's vision, or responsive mechanism or listening skills, the person in question may be showing 'sensibilility'. And when one say, he or she has no sense, does that mean the person who says this,is himself or herself showing no sense or no sensibility?
What factors should detect when one show sense or sensibility?
So should one take more care in showing sense, sensibility, sensitivity in order to meet the needs of and well being of others within one's community? I reply with a definitely YES, that is the only way of nurturing community members inclusive of those on the peripheral of what societal standards throw at them - they definitely need all the sense, sensibility and sensitivity of their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.