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Caribbean Examinations Council : take the Digital Media stage!

I am pleased that the Caribbean examinations council has decided to enter onto the digital pedagogical stage, by offering a new advanced examination syllabus (Digital Media) in order to tap in on the region learners’ scope of creativity within the ever expanding digital era. In order to make some contribution hopefully on a global scale and helping to change the ‘traditionalist’ mind set of some members of the local community that there is a growing trend for young people (and not so young!) to study a variety of ‘new’ subjects like Digital Media, at tertiary/university level.

The Caribbean examinations council need a round of APP-lause (my own concept), enabling learners to more appropriately use their creative talents and gifts to study and be examined in this new advanced examinations.

As all global educationists know quite well, learners regardless of socio- economic background, academic ability, all excel in varying ways using different pedagogical approaches or models. So, let us pray that this examination will be well sought after by learners of the Caribbean who wish to pursue an alternative professional pedagogical route, where hopefully, one will see ‘globally sought after skills’ such as, mobile app or web developers emerging from the Caribbean region as indicative within the new Digital Media syllabus.

Education, means ‘to go forth’, it does not mean ‘to remain stagnant’, for example, even the farmers have to move with change, teachers need to move with change and identify and spot these learners outside or inside the peripheral academic frame ‘these talented different learners’ who strive to be ‘academically different’ and help to guide them on the right pathway to success. On the whole, the Caribbean region cannot afford to ‘waste’ or ‘hinder’ unusual differing talents anymore, (historically, a lot of talents was buried under the carpet) – but by the grace of Lord God Almighty, let us pray that all learners will fulfil their pedagogical dream of making a contribution to their community with the emergence of new professional Digital Media skills.

I wish all the Caribbean learners who are embarking on this new advanced Digital Media course this academic term the very best of every success as they digitally create and recreate to come up with new digital media resources.

Finally, Caribbean Examinations council team - I give you nothing short of Excellent, 10/10, for the introduction of this examination, and of course, keep improving your pedagogical performance right across the board.