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Hey DNJ: The story of the bigs and the wolf by a Grenadian writer.

Hey Nathan, I hope I won't be raining on your parade, but the title of your post "HE'S THE NEW BIG, BAD WOLF!!!" brought a smile on my face as I am currently reading a book with a similar title.

A Grenadian author, William Guillaume from Grenville area, and his American wife, Marie, teamed up to write a hilariously funny, but at the same time very serious book entitled "Mr. Wolf V. The Three Pigs." The premise of the book is Mr. Wolf's attempt by taking them to court to clear his name from the false story that the three little pigs spread about him.

My friend, there is so much excellent writing coming from Grenadians that it isn't funny!! Now some of us may not think of calypsonians as writers, but listen and appreciate how Sparrow used the glamour of London Bridge to turn it on its head and poke fun at British power in his whimsical "London Bridge is Falling down." Listen to Gypsy's "Captain the ship is Sinking." If those calypsos are not literature, tell me what is! One is in written format to be read while the other is in singing format to listen to.

That's exactly the same technique that William and his wife used to write their book. If people think George Orwell's "Animal Farm" is funny but very satirical, wait until you read the couple's book to see what we Grenadians can do to a very well known children's story.

READ IT, as well as other great Grenadian writers that you'll surely enjoy!!

Re: Hey DNJ: The story of the bigs and the wolf by a Grenadian writer.

I have not heard about William Guillaume. But, I can imagine how emotional his book is. I will love to read him up, but until I can find his book to read, it'll remain unfashionable to me!

Grenadians have embellished their unique way of doing and saying things. During the colonial days, they were giving the Headquarters for the entire Windward Islands, on behalf of Great Btitian. That was an astounding achievement, by Colonial standards, in those days. Then came along the radio station called, WIBS, for Grenadians to broadcast on the AM Wave band, 535, on behalf of the Windwards Islands.

WIBS was an exciting, and interesting radio station to listen to. They estabished and broadcasted some of the best radio programs worldwide. Literally speaking, they were the stero set in every home on the islands, by bringing different genres of music, and storytelligs to their audiences throughout the Windward Islands. There, men like The Mighty Sparrow, Duke, Blakie, Lord Kitchrner, Gyspy, Maestro, ec cetera, were featured daily, along wth the greatest female Calypsoian, Calypso Rose, with music that was serious, and had in it every intention to educate the general pubic. The Mighty Sparrow never sang, without being mindful of his duty, as a Calypsoian, to tell the people how to bring about a better understanding of how one's life they had. He told international yarns in his songs, that was as good as those that were written in books and newpapers aroubd the world. He wasn't a man of frequent use of pen and paper, in the book form, but, he was a great.story teller, and as of date, he hasn't been surpassed, by any old timer, or new comer, for that matter of fact. The Mighty Sparrow knew how to beautify Literature, while he kept it in its purest form. His song, "Both of Them" was a Masterpeice, that touched me in more ways, than one. That song was a dynamic comeback for him, in 1986, I believed, aafter he'd an eight years, or so, break from the performing stage.

Truthfully, I believe that every Grenadian have a story to tell. It may be a long, or a short story, but it may have in it vast piece of knowledge for people around the world to cling on to.

There's an interest around the globe for new stories, and the writers from Grenada could top the list in the feeding of the hungry minds, that need good literature to read.

Well, although I haven't met William Guilluame, and his wife, Marie, I want to wish them continued success in their work. To be an author isn't easy, but the love for writing stories shall overshadow the wanting to put down the pen and the paper, and just give up.

So, I'll say: Go, Greanadians. Go! Remember, the first prize for writing hasn't been taken, by anyone yet!