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To give or not to give : half a loaf or no loaf?

The general concensus amidst most of the global population is the saying, 'I will respect you if you respect me', which I totally disagree with. So I will try to angle my views in a philosophical manner. If one is viewed characteristically as a 'party goer', then one may gain respect from the 'partying crowd', and not by say a seemingly characteristically 'studious academic crowd' who may view the party goer as a 'laughing joke' but they will always be someone from the 'academic crowd' who may see behind the 'party goer' image and show respect. For example, as a 'party goer' one may of course have an academic background, one may have loads of qualifications under my belt, a fulfilling job but one may not be 'viewed' as a 'serious contributor' to anything from other counterparts, one may even be 'respectfully' brushed aside in favour of another 'party goers' who may get automatic respect despite a lack of credentials.

There are two old sayings, that most forum authors would know, 'half a loaf is better than no bread'; 'do not look a gift horse in the mouth'. Sometimes, a gift may not seem much, persons always seeks more, you give someone five dollars, and later the rumour is about, 'I am sure he/she could of given more than five dollars'. The word 'ungrateful' then surfaces, turmoil stirs, and the giver may decide no more,communication may become damaged and at times beyond human restoration, so what is better 'half a loaf or no bread'. From my perspective, gifts should only be rejected on 'conflicting grounds' where there is an identifiable hidden agenda.

Even the rich man who have no need of the poor man's gift, may find more delight in the poor man's gift than the rich man's gifts - as a poor man gift may come from the heart which may touch the rich man's heart and bring about changes of further help somewhere down the generational line of years.

The word of God states, 'it is better to give than to receive', the word of God, speaks about plundering the nations, 'it takes one drop of water from the rock to start a small ravine flowing down to the ocean' so the morale of this philosophical post.... let the gift of ambulances be seen as, hopefully, better things to come from these blessed and very prosperous nations.

Father God, may all the nations become ONE, as we raise our eyes to heaven,and ask you to bless and receive with love all gifts and donations to Grenada, and all countries where more generous gifts are required without let or hindrance to the peoples, hoping that the gifts will eventually help and serve its purposes to those who may need it at some stage in their lives, and I say, thank you Lord, Amen.