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What more could be better in times of a crisis than seeking a diplomatic solution, rather than going to war to resolve it? This is what Mr. Obama decides to do with the Syrian crisis, where Assad could give up his chemical weapims program, under the scrutiny of the International
Laws of War.

Backed by Russia, Assad will comply with the International Body that ovesees wars, and summit his chemical weapons documents to them. That's exactly what Obama wants to prevent going to war with Syria, according to him in his soeech last njght.

In Mr. Obama's speech last night about the crisis that looms in Syria, he asked Congress to."postpone, the vote" that would've authorized military actions against Syria, to give diplomatic talks a chance to work. Obama's sending the Secretary of States, Mr. John Kerry, in Genvea, to meet with his Russian counterpart, for continued talks about the Syrian crisis.

John Kerry claimed that chemical weapons were used in Syria, by the.Assad's regime on its own people. And, there's proof of it from the 1500 people that were killed in the attack. But, I have yet to beconvinced of Kerry's findings, as Colin Powell shadows of doubts, dubbed before the Iraqi war began, with practically the same findings of WMD in Iraq.

Still, there are rebels fighting in Syria. Some of them is afiliated with Al Queda. Who can tell that the chemical weapons weren't used by the rebels themselves, to frame Assad? Assad has repeated statedthat he's innicent to the accussations of him using chemical weapons on his own people. So, if.America should go to war with Syria, they've to have solid evidence for such action.

Obama is not weary about the limited Strike in Syria, and has no plans to put"boots on the ground" Syria. But, in his speech last night, I don't think that he made the case to the American people, for warwjth Syria. Besides, two-thirds of the American people don't think that there's any treats to the.American National Security, that calls for going to war with Assad.

Obama doesn't care so much about Congress and the American people, as he repeatedly said that he needs no approval for military strike in Syria. He's Executive Power at is disposal to do so without anyone's approval of going to war.

It's a wise choice made by Syria, Russia, and Obama to give diplomatic channels a chance to work. War is.always an ugly sight to see. Especially as most deaths from a way is of the innocent ones.

And, I feel that Obama going to war with Syria is not solution, but part of the crisis.